CBSE Affiliation no 2550556
CBSE School no 1208080

Co-Curricular Activities

The Co-Curricular activities are the non-academic activities related to performing arts. The OAV will constitute of activities in Music and Dance in the schools. Co-curricular activities not only enhances the talents but it also helps in building confidence, improves concentration.

Physics Lab


The main objective of holding co-curricular activities in the OAV is to promote and hone the latent talent of music and dance in children of the semi-urban or rural areas of Odisha. This will also promote the culture of the state

Class Activities


We will set up Clubs for Music and Dance to promote participation in the Co-curricular activities

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In an effort to improve music education and revive the culture at OAV, we will setup Music labs for students to learn and refine the musical skills. There will be trained music teachers to guide the students in the right direction



Dance is a form of expression of thoughts feelings and a reflection of one’s self. Dance Clubs will be installed at the Adarsha Vidyalayas to keep the culture of Odisha alive in the future generations too. The club will have trained dance teachers for both Indian and western dance forms in the schools