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Well-equipped laboratories are in place in all the Vidyalaya across the state, to enable students to explore, probe and experiment their ideas. Experimentation helps students to get new ideas, develop scientific reasoning abilities, enrich knowledge and practical skills. These laboratories are use for students to prepare their Science Projects which are showcased during different intra and inter level school exhibitions.

Physics Lab


To cater to the curiosity and interest of the students, the Physics lab is equipped with experimental gadgets, kits, chart apparatus, models, lens, magnets, spring balance, beam balance etc. Students get an exposure to the practical aspect of physics through experimentation.

Chemistry Lab


The labs are constructed keeping in view the statutory norms for safety as mandated by CBSE, including facilities for the safe storage of chemicals, first-aid kit, proper ventilation and adequate space for experimentation. It has suitable number of Bunsen Burners, Beakers, Flask etc, to provide opportunity for experimentation to every student.

Biology Lab


It is equipped with microscopes, apparatus, various specimen, models, bio-visual charts, for students to make observation and experiment under guidance. The lab is also designed to help students boost their knowledge and concept of various plants and animals.


Computer (ICT – Information and Computer Technology)

Technology is one of the major components to improve our lives. Students need to imbibe the basic computer skills right from their school level, to prepare them in entering a college with confidence. The Vidyalaya is equipped with latest Computer, Printer, Scanner and internet facility. Each Vidyalaya has a full-time Computer Teacher is recruited in each school to introduce students to Computer and strengthen their essential Computer skills.

Music and Dance Lab

Music & Dance

In an effort to improve music education and revive the culture at OAV, we will setup Music & Dance labs for students to learn and refine the musical and dancing skills. There will be trained dance and music teachers for both Indian and western forms in the schools.