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OAVs have a uniform House System across all the schools to develop a sense of camaraderie and identity. The four houses are named according to the four major rivers of the state like –

  • Mahanadi House – Green (Motto – Pride by my side)
  • Brahmani House – Yellow (Motto – Passion and purpose)
  • Subarnarekha House – Red (Motto – Lead with dignity)
  • Bansadhara House – Blue (Motto – Grow with honour)

Each House is guided by a House Master/ Mistress and Associates (Teachers). Each of the House also have Student House Captains, Vice-Captains, Cultural Secretary, Sports Secretary and Volunteers.

The House Duties include:
  • Conducts Assembly Daily at the beginning of the School
  • Prepares news and thoughts for the day
  • Maintains discipline in the Vidyalaya
  • Ensures cleanliness in the Vidyalaya
  • Check late-comers and the uniforms of students
  • Participates in inter-house and intra-school competitions
  • Arranges school functions under the guidance of the teachers
  • Coordinates Sramdan Programme

Various competitions are conducted at regular intervals which not only build the competencies of students but also develop team spirit, give them an identity and a sense of pride.